Frequently Asked Questions
What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television is digital television delivered to your television through a high speed internet (broadband) connection. In this service, channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to the TV through a set top box.IP TV service also includes video on demand, which is similar to watching video CDs/DVDs using a VCD/DVD player.

How does it work?

IP TV converts a television signal into small packets of computer data like any other form of online traffic such as email or a web page. There are three main components of IP TV. First, the TV and content head end, where the TV channels are received and encoded and also other content like videos which are stored. The second component is the delivery network, which is broadband and landline network provided by a telecom operators such as MTNL. The third component is the set top box, which is required at the customer location. The packets are reassembled into programming by software in the set-top box. This box is connected between the operator’s broadband modem and customer’s TV.

How many channels are there?

We are the most powerful IPTV service which streams over 10000 TV channels from more than 70 countries. With IPTV Orbital you'll never miss your favourite soccer match or TV show! 


Can i use it anywhere?

Yes. You can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on any device. It works on mobile phones with Apple IOS, Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia shield , MAG , Roku , Enigma 2. And, guess what! With the multi-room packages, you can use the two connections on different locations, with different IP address, so go and share your second connection with your friends!

What is M3u List? [03/2020]

The M3U format is the most popular format used in all premium IPTV devices. It is a text file format that has important information about the playlists which includes: the URL of the channel source, the name of the channel and the channel reference number. The reference numbers usually categorize channels according to country for easier

Using the M3U File

If you need to stream IPTV channels, the best way to do it is by using a VLC media player. It is a cross- platform media player that is compatible with tons of video and audio content. Moreover, it supports even rare formats such as CON, XSPF, PLS, and M3U8 among many others. The vast majority of IPTV subscription use M3U as their IPTV script of choice. Its popularity comes from its compatibility with many platforms as it can be used on Roku, Smart TV, STB emulators, Smartphones, and Android setup boxes.

Why Your M3U Link is not Working?

If by any chance you find that the M3U link will not work as expected, use the VLC media player to check the link on a PC. If the link is working on the computer, it may indicate that the problem is on your end rather than on the IPTV server. Type in your M3U link and ensure that there are no spaces and that you have not pasted the M3U link on other devices. Using the link on other devices simultaneously will result in your account being blocked. If you still cannot get the link to work on a computer, then it would be best to contact IPTV Orbital for assistance.

Editing an M3U File and Creating a Favorites List

It is very easy to edit the M3U file as practically any text editor you have on your computer could be used for editing. If you are on PC you can use the notepad to edit the file. What you do is open the downloaded file with notepad and then edit out the channels you do not like from the list. You can then save the newly edited file on your PC that you can then use as the new list for all your future IPTV use.

If you are using a simple M3U file or URL, your channels will not be categorized. You can have categorization and grouping of your channels by using M3U with options as your IPTV script. Check out an explanation of video formats and IPTV scripts here.If we have left out anything with regard to the M3U or premium IPTV, leave a comment down below and we will improve the article with an explanation of any issue you may have. Thank you!!

Subscription Plans [03/2021]

What payment method do you accept?

It may vary from time to time but we usually always accept Paypal but you can pay the payment request with credit card without registering an PayPal account.You receive the activation details right after the payment on your email address and we'll perform the installation for FREE!

How do I renew?

Simple, follow the same steps when you ordered the first time. Your app will show you when the subscription is running out. Place another order and time will be added to your account. We will also send an email and just before your subscription expires with a mobile links to renew if you like.

Do i get billed each month?

No, we do not bill you, this way there are no surprises, when it is time to renew simply return to the store and place another order. Time will be added to your account.

Buffering in IPTV? [v3 03/2021]

Although Buffering means a variety of definitions in different types of technologies, here we describe it in the field of IPTV streaming. In general, it means that when you are watching a live stream, the picture sometimes stops and resumes. This issue is being referred to as buffering. Buffering would speed up different tasks on your computer.

Buffering can prevent lag when you’re streaming video or prevent slow performance when you’re playing a graphics-intensive video game on your desktop computer. Buffering involves pre-loading data into a certain area of memory known as a “buffer,” so the data can be accessed more quickly on GPU or CPU.

Although diagnosing the underlying reason for buffering is a difficult task, potential factors which would cause the buffering are explained in this article.


Causes of Buffering ?

-Internet Speed

Depending on the quality of the streaming, there is a minimum required speed which your Internet connection has to satisfy. Otherwise, it is highly probable to encounter poor quality and frequent interruptions.

-Home Network

Wireless routers are often getting quickly overloaded when a number of devices are connected to it simultaneously. This will lessen the required bandwidth for streaming and cause interruptions. In this case, you need to have a router which can handle the heavy traffic loads.


One aspect that is often overlooked is the activity that happens on your Internet-connected device. Watching videos over the Internet uses computing resources. Therefore, if you have a lot of programs running in the background of your system, this could cause some issues with your video playing properly. If you are having problems playing video, another good practice would be to close out any web pages and programs that you are not using.

Stream Provider Overloading

If the requests of streamingover the providers’ servers getting higher than that they can handle, it would delay the transfer of video to your device and finally lead the stream to get pause or buffer. In this case, nothing can be done by the users except to wait until the requests to providers’ content slow down.

How to prevent Buffering

The main underlying reasons for buffering can be categorized in 3 main sections: Internet speed, hardware processor, and the server through which the IPTV is streamed. The fluctuation of the Internet download speed will lead to buffering. Also, if your TV or media box is unable to handle the high-quality input streams (for example HD channels) this can cause buffering.

Finally, when the servers of the IPTV providers are being overloaded as a result of over-streaming by the users, this will cause buffering too. Moreover, if you use VLC, KODI media players or a Smart TV app, you might look into the ways by which you can tweak your connection to reduce the amount of buffering.

If you are still having trouble watching videos, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the effect of the stuttering. With some video providers, you can start the video, pause it and wait.

This will allow the video to download a little way ahead of time so that you can let it catch up and watch for a longer uninterrupted period. Disabling IGMP Snooping will sometimes help reduce the buffering.

*Please note, 99% of all buffering issues are related to the internet speed and the data packet loss, which is something that we can do nothing about except changing the ISP.

You can also reduce the quality of the video. This will decrease the bandwidthdemand and increase the likelihood that the video will not stutter during playback. Another optional approach would be downloading the entire video first before playing it. This may take longer, but it would likely ensure that you would be able to watch the entire video without interruption. 

WHAT IS VPN? [v2 03/2021]

A virtual private network, better known as a VPN, protects your identity and browsing activity from hackers, businesses, government agencies, and other snoops. When connecting to the internet, your data and IP address are hidden by a type of virtual tunnel. This keeps others from spying on your online activity.

How does a VPN work?

 Ordinarily, when you are surfing the internet, you are first connected to your ISP. Your ISP, in turn, connects you to the internet. Since the ISP connects you to the internet, they are able to control the sites you visit. This gives them an edge over you as they can easily block you from accessing content. Also, they are able to view all the internet traffic for you as it passes through their servers. Moreover, because content can be geo-blocked, if the website you’re visiting has blocked the IP address of the ISP you’re using because of its location, you will be unable to see any content.

When the VPN comes into the picture, the story changes. Instead of connecting directly to websites or other services via your ISP, you connect to the VPN server first through an encrypted connection between your ISP and the VPN server. The encrypted connection at both ends is often referred to as a “VPN tunnel”. From the VPN server, your internet activity is then relayed to the destination as coming from the VPN server. It suffices to say at this point that you’re now browsing anonymously although your VPN service providers may keep logs of your activities if the law of the country requires them to do so. The website and services you use via your VPN connection will see your location as the location of the VPN server. So for instance, if you’re based in South Africa and you’re using a VPN server located in the United States, the websites you visit will see your location as the United States. If you want to enjoy your IPTV content, getting a VPN should be a priority for you.

Circumvent ISPs Blocking IPTV Services

IPTV streaming is increasingly being targeted by cable operators and their lawyers. This has led to some IPTV services being blocked by ISPs. One popular example is the blockage of IPTV providers regularly exhibited during Premier League matches in the UK.However, the easiest and most reliable way to ensure you can still stream despite ISP blocks is to use a VPN. An IPTV VPN is the best way to ensure your streams won’t get blocked or interrupted.